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Ric Flair aka Nature Boy aka WOOOOOOO!!! aka WOOOOooooo?

Ric Flair at the proper age to be a wrestler

Flair, made from the same substance as Stretch Armstrong, in 2010


I imagine that having his skin in your mouth is the same as eating a Go-Gurt that has been in the sun for a week.


Kansas aka Dust in the Wind aka Not the State aka Just as Shitty as the State

Kansas in their (if they ever had one) glory days


Kansas promo shot for their 2011 show in GLASGOW FUCKING KENTUCKY!


Kansas really are like dust in the wind, just old and very annoying.

Mark McGrath aka Sugar Ray aka “I Just Wanna Fly” aka Religated to Duties as the Host of Don’t Forget the Lyrics

McGrath “rocking out” with Sugar Ray


McGrath never forgets the lyrics in 2011


Not only do you and Ethan Hawke look alike, but both of you will be staring in the sure-fire flop Irrelevant.


Bob Barker aka The Price Is Right Guy aka “Spay and Neuter Your Pets” aka The Guy that Punched Adam Sandler in the Golf Movie

Ol’ Bobby back in the hay day of The Price is Right


Bob (or the dead body of his being made into a puppet) in a State Farm commercial in 2010


Lay off the tanning Bob, there is not enough self-bronzer in the world to keep us from noticing that you are a zombie!

Sebastian Bach aka Skid Row aka Slave to the Grind aka Fatty from Celebrity Fit Club

Bach circa the 1980’s

Bach selling his soul to late night television circa 2011.

Fighting to stay relevant.

Kel Mitchell aka Kel aka Kenan and Kel aka Loves Orange Soda

Kel via Goodburger

Kel in 2010 impersonating a mission worker in order to get a free meal.

Is he working or eating?!

Rob Schneider aka The Hot Chick aka The Animal aka Adam Sandler’s Lackey

1995 in Judge Dredd

Rob in 2010 doing shows for a sold out crowd of 4.

He IS still doing it.